Why Would An Expert Teacher Convert To A Formal Teaching Career?


Why Would An Expert Teacher Convert To A Formal Teaching Career?

A teacher, often known as a public schoolteacher or officially known as an educator, is someone who assists students in gaining knowledge, social awareness, practical application or maturity. Education refers to the process of acquiring learning skills through the direct experience of the teacher or other learners and by using various systems of teaching like books, lectures, music, films, television and interactive games. Teachers can either specialize in a certain subject or area like elementary, secondary, or tertiary levels. Some teachers even teach Kindergarten while some teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Others are even specialized in social work, history, geography, science and psychology.

A teacher can be described as good when she inspires, guides, motivates and shapes young people’s attitude towards learning, while being an effective communicator and an inspiring listener. A good teacher should have excellent communication skills, ability to relate with her students emotionally and practically. A teacher should be able to teach students with different learning styles like guided reading, group reading, comprehension oriented, writing and teaching, music and art. A good teacher should be able to teach and motivate students. She should be a good listener and should be able to understand the needs of her students. A good teacher should have compassion for her students’ problems and should be able to solve problems with sensitivity and imagination.

In order to become a good teacher, a teacher must be committed to the profession and should be passionate about teaching. An inspiring teacher should be able to inspire her students to become good learners. She should be a good teacher in all aspects, and should welcome challenges and help her students grow as people. Teachers should be able to recognize talent in her students. They should encourage their students in the right direction and should make learning fun for them.

In today’s society, knowledge and skills are highly valued. Research has shown that there is a link between poverty and low educational achievement in school. Therefore, teaching is no longer seen as an occupation, but as a way to earn a living. This change has also resulted in a big change in the characteristics of good teachers.

Effective teachers are good communicators. In the research on school drop-outs, it was found that children who did not receive regular feedback from their teachers had lower achievement in school and were more likely to repeat their mistakes than those who were given regular feedback. A teacher’s communication skills is therefore important for effective teaching. It is therefore necessary that teachers should improve their verbal communication skills if they want to succeed as teachers.

Apart from a desire to teach, a teacher should have other qualities such as patience, ability to organize, commitment to her job and the ability to enjoy teaching. According to a survey, forty percent of American teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Of these, thirty percent believe that their teaching methods are outdated. And twenty percent believe that they are unable to adjust to the changing pace of the educational system. To address this problem, the United States Department of Education hopes to train two million teachers over the next ten years.

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