Education – Its Importance

Education is one of the processes that shape people’s future. Without education, individuals cannot survive in society. The basic function of education is to enable individuals to learn new things and apply them to their lives.

A good education helps people to be proactive in society and contribute to a better society. It enables an individual to make informed decisions and helps develop his abilities and talents. Through education a person is also able to determine which path he would like to take in life. Through education a person is also able to become aware of his true capabilities and true potential. Through education a person is also able to realize that although his capabilities may not be sufficient, he is not less than the others and everybody is capable of doing something great if he is given the opportunity.

Education helps people to be proactive in society and contribute to a better society. It is one of the key elements that brings up the quality of life of an individual. A person who is well educated has better chances of achieving his goals and becoming successful. Education means different things to different individuals. For example, education means learning the basic principles of science; it also means acquiring knowledge about the nature, activities, properties, and consequences of various natural phenomena.

It also helps an individual to become more competent in using technology. Different technological innovations and discoveries have occurred over the past century. This has helped to improve the quality of life for the educated and for the individuals who are well-educated. A good education gives individuals skills in using computers, IT, electricity, mechanics, construction materials and a variety of other relevant activities that are of great help in every day life. An individual who has good education also contributes to the maintenance of the ecological balance and health of the planet.

Education means imparting knowledge to the members of a society. Therefore, good education not only teaches a student, but also instills in him the values and the attitudes that he should imbibe in his daily life. An education means a student being taught, through his senses, things that are true or not. It teaches the person being taught how to solve problems; how to work with his fellow beings; how to respect other cultures and beliefs.

Good education teaches about justice and equality. It also teaches about the importance of compassion and understanding. An education teaches the importance of helping others. Also, an education teaches a person to develop his talents so that he may contribute something in his community or in the country. Good education also instills self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-direction in the student.

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