Why Education Is Important


Why Education Is Important

Education refers to the structured process of educating individuals, youth, children, and other subject matters for the accomplishment of certain aims. Education includes a vast area of human activities performed by people at different stages of their lives. These educational activities are distributed over time and space and are performed to satisfy particular needs of the people. The educational system is comprised of public, private, community, linguistic and religious organizations and other organizations that promote education. The process may be school education, college education, vocational education, post-secondary education and professional education. Education in the United States can be broadly classified into left-hand and right-hand oriented.

Good education helps a better society. The developed countries have a very high percentage of people who are illiterate and this condition is preventing the development of the society. A good education helps a better person to become an engineer or businessman or any other professional who can contribute something to the society.

Education enables a person to get a job. A job provides a person with a steady income which he/she can use to support himself/herself and his/her family. An educated person knows how to get a job and how to use the resources available to him/her to earn a decent income. A good education helps a person to be better educated so that he/she can use that education in a manner that is compatible with the needs of the society. A person who has a good education has the potential to join all kinds of organizations that are looking for educated people.

Education empowers a better place. When a person gets the education, he becomes aware of the different problems and issues facing the society, and this awareness helps him to take effective steps to solve those problems. Education also develops the character of an educated person as he learns from others and experiences life to its fullest.

A good education prepares one to face the challenges of tomorrow. Education teaches a person to be flexible in handling changing circumstances and makes him/her proactive. The present is not enough to set the standards of tomorrow; the future must also be molded by bringing into play various strategies. The approach towards education should be such that it promotes welcoming truth. “We are all learners, we all make mistakes, but we can grow from them to be better men.”

Education can be viewed as the driving force that shapes the future of a country or a society. It brings into focus the social, cultural and intellectual aspects of a society. With the help of education, students are able to see the relevance of issues in society and connect those issues with the larger context. A good education enables students to perceive reality in a realistic way that allows them to make change decision when necessary.

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