What Is Development?

In the beginning, all of the development that was done on earth happened thanks to humans. However, today many different countries, cultures, and individuals choose to diminish the hand that was given to them. Today development takes place in a variety of ways. For example, one way is development through technology. The use of technology has created things like airplanes, space travel, communication systems, and the internet.

There are other ways of development such as education, health care, business, etc. Education has been a method developed by humans to improve the way people live. Other methods of development include social programs, such as programs that focus on helping the less fortunate, and volunteer programs.

The practice of development in today’s world includes economic development. This area of development is often neglected. Developing countries need more assistance to reach their goals for economic growth. One example is AIDS, which is an unfortunate disease that has been plaguing people for years.

When developing nations have an opportunity to market themselves to the world, they can gain an advantage over other countries. Without development, one cannot be sure of reaching one’s goals, and there is little to no chance that the people will ever again be able to reach the heights of development that they have already achieved. No matter what the circumstance, development is needed in every aspect of life. Whether one is a man or woman, young or old, everyone needs development in order to be able to advance and improve themselves.

Some may take issue with development, but it cannot be denied that without development, life would be very one-dimensional. It does not matter if one lives in a developed or developing country; everyone needs development whether they are rich or poor. Even those who are working in the less developed areas need some form of development in order to survive.

The fact is, development is needed around the world and everyone deserves to live in a better world. Life is better when one has access to proper education, clean water, health care, job security, a nice home, and the freedom to enjoy their life without fear of hunger or living in extreme conditions. Without development, the majority of the world will still be living in caves and the majority of the world’s poor will still be living in extreme conditions. It is up to each individual to give a hand to make development a reality for themselves and for those who came before them.

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