What is Development? An Interdisciplinary Perspective


What is Development? An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Definition of Development. Development is an ongoing process which creates the gradual increase in the levels of functionality, quality, productivity and potential for improvement in any system. It is usually a process by which individuals, organizations or government agencies attempt to satisfy the needs of the society by developing processes, policies, institutions or practices that will solve particular human resource management challenges and create a better quality of life for those who live in the communities that they represent. The use of this framework has some important characteristics.

It defines the concepts of development which can be used as a yardstick to measure the performance of an individual or organization at different points in time. It can also be used as a frame of reference with which to compare the performance of political entities at different levels of government, at the regional, national and international levels. It also focuses on the defining the relationship between economic growth and development. Finally, development seeks to understand development as it occurs in the context of socio-economic variables. The other main focus of the debate on development is the definition of sustainable development, with the emphasis being put on development strategies that are inclusive of all social sectors.

The key drivers for development are considered to include economic growth, population increase, poverty elimination, improved living standards, improved health services, development of the infrastructure, reduction in poverty, effective management of natural resources, and development of the international intellectual capital. Some of the most popular drivers of development include technology and knowledge, globalization, environment, global investment, political security, business opportunity, human capital, ethnicity, culture and language. The concept of sustainable development is based on the principle that economic growth should be balanced with a reasonable share of development directed towards the future needs of the poor. In line with this concept, growth should be balanced with reasonable levels of leisure time, affordable housing, adequate education and health services, and a decent standard of living.

There are many debates, discussions, and reviews on development. The debate on development is important as it seeks to highlight the differences in the way development is handled between countries. The use of the term development can be seen to vary across time, circumstances, and jurisdictions. For instance, in the United Nation Human Development Report of the world’s most developed nations, the word development is used three times, whereas in the regional human development reports the term is used twice. It is also used in connection to poverty, income disparity, the quality of life, and the role of government in ensuring that these differences are bridged.

The key theories associated with sustainable development include the concept of the mixed economy, localized markets, and unequal access. In the United Nation Human Development Report, the practice of ‘development’ is associated with the unequal access to natural resources. This implies that developing countries are not able to fully exploit natural resources. Developed countries have lower levels of corruption, better management of natural resources, and the ability to effectively utilize natural resources. This allows them to fully exploit natural resources, making them economically and environmentally sustainable.

The unequal access to natural resources is also a major issue in the debate on development. Rich countries feel that they have an obligation to future generations, and those that do not have access to natural resources will suffer. In the regional report, future generations are given a universal right to live in a safe and healthy environment. They also have the right to enjoy equal opportunities for education, health, and economic growth. These principles are part of the shared goal of sustainable economic growth and development.

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