School Day Care Professional Development


School Day Care Professional Development

A school is an educational establishment designed to offer various learning venues and learning environments to students under the guidance of qualified teachers. Usually, all states have systems of public education, which can be compulsory or voluntary. In such systems, students progress from a primary school to a secondary school.

Private schools and academies imparting professional teacher training and practice to prepare competent teachers in line with the state’s academic curriculum and other teaching tasks. Such schools often have many outstanding exemplary sites that include art galleries, science labs, science libraries, music centers and extracurricular activities. These exemplary sites make the students realize the significance of social service in their lives. They are given the opportunity to work and play together with like minded people, along with other children who share similar interests.

One cannot generalize about the role of school in shaping one’s personality. To put it simply, school shapes a person’s behavior, values, lifestyle and character traits. The social service element of educational institutions definitely influences a child’s attitude. Since childhood, the child witnesses an array of social problems and struggles. However, if the child is lucky, then he experiences an auspicious beginning to his life in the educational institutions, where he gradually learns how to accept and interact with others, and how to develop his own sense of self worth.

In recent years, there has been a surge of private schools in America. These schools provide a wide range of specialised teaching services, ranging from academic guidance to child care and extra-curricular activity programs. In the academic setting, teachers use textbooks, lecture notes, school reports, and other instructional material, as well as interactive media, to present lessons. They also have the responsibility of developing lesson plans, writing school reports, developing grading criteria, conducting lesson discussions, and conducting office hours with parents and students.

There are many professional development services, professional skills seminars, and school leadership development programs that teachers can avail of on a regular basis. These seminars help them acquire new knowledge, new skills, and enhance their existing professional skills and development. For example, the most common planning time for teachers is breakfast. Teachers who participate in professional development workshops also get to learn the latest management techniques and practice leadership and managerial skills.

Curriculum development for K-12 education in American schools has become a very intricate task owing to the sheer complexity of today’s curriculum. On every school day, there is a never-ending array of instructional material to be reviewed and evaluated. Students are expected to learn all that they are taught. Therefore, teachers need to ensure that they are always ready to go on and beyond their instructional schedule to provide support to students in their free time. Such support may come in the form of personal training, parental and community intervention, group study, and professional development or classroom assistance.

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