Is There Such a Thing As a “News Story”?


Is There Such a Thing As a “News Story”?

The media is always in a rush to report anything and everything. This includes dog bite news. If you are a dog lover you may have noticed that there seems to be a new story about dog bites every day. But who actually writes these news reports? It seems the same type of people always write them.

When a dog bites somebody that isn’t news, but when someone bites a human interest story, it becomes news. (Charles Anderson Dana, American reporter, 1819-1997) These types of things became news and was reported as such even though it wasn’t really anything major.

However, if you want to get an idea of what makes a news item become news, you need to look at how the process works. The media works like this: first, a story is created, often by a freelance journalist; then it is sent around various different newspapers and magazines in order to fulfill their own need to fill their pages with current events. This is usually done by attaching a small “hook” or by using specific words, phrases or even a short phrase that is newsworthy. The newspapers and magazines then have to take it from there and present it as current events.

There are also news services which are news wire services. They are nothing more than wire services that deal exclusively with international news. A great example of such a news service is the Associated Press. They have reporters all over the world, often based in different countries, and they specialize in reporting on stories that are associated with the country where the associated press office is located. Such outlets are very similar to the wire services, but their scope is much broader.

Other news media make news, which is about, as their name suggests, current events. This can include anything from politics to sports to film and television news and the like. It also frequently makes news which is highly critical of government, industry or even specific individuals.

News reporters have an important job. Their job is to take information which they are told by sources and make news stories out of it. Their job does not have any subjective aspect to it – their only point of view is the point of view of the source they are getting their information from. And they are often asked to express opinions as well. All in all, news reporters are objective, thorough and hardworking.

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