Effective Teachers Need to Be Passionate For Their Jobs


Effective Teachers Need to Be Passionate For Their Jobs

A teacher, also known as a public school teacher or formally known as a private school teacher, is an individual who helps pupils to obtain knowledge, learning ability or character through education. He plays an important role in shaping the basic personality of a child or young person through his guidance, consultation and suggestions. As far as his profession is concerned, he is the one who teaches the subject, who acts as a role model for teaching and also acts as a link between the parents and the children. He teaches the basic values and conducts classes in a planned manner to ensure learning.

A good teacher should possess basic qualities such as interest, initiative, knowledge base, confidence, respect, determination and ability. A good teacher is one who has excellent communication skill, good imagination, and proper understanding of academic discipline. In order to become a good teacher, you must know the subject matter well and you must be a well-organized person. You should be able to understand the requirements of your students, especially the parents and the guardians of the children.

Good teachers need to be sensitive and understanding towards the needs and expectations of the students. They should have appropriate communication skills and should know how to relate with different kinds of people. Teaching profession requires not only theoretical knowledge but also certain soft skills such as listening skills, social skills and leadership qualities. For example, a kindergarten teacher should be able to motivate and inspire the children by praising and encouraging them when they do something right. He should be able to explain the subject matter well to the children and parents and to build their interest in the topic.

According to Roger Bannister, an English professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, “If you want to become an effective teacher you should combine theoretical knowledge with some practical knowledge.” The famous educator and motivational speaker, Roger Martin said “The best way to learn something is to apply it.” Effective teachers are able to bring about change in their classrooms through positive encouragement. It is not easy to motivate students. However, with patience and love, children will certainly come to class with better attitudes. This will surely make them learn faster and gain more confidence.

An important factor for a good teacher is his or her ability to adjust according to the changes taking place in the society and the economy. These factors affect the classroom environment and a teacher has to be adaptive in order to keep up with the times. The teacher has to know how to prioritize tasks and how to divide up time wisely. Time management is an essential factor and one has to make the best use of the limited time available in the classroom.

An effective teacher needs to demonstrate his or her passion for teaching through his or her actions. This can be demonstrated through having a burning desire to teach and through showing genuine interest in the students. Roger Bannister also said “You cannot motivate somebody who does not feel anything for the material. So, if you want to become an effective teacher, you should feel a powerful desire for knowledge.” Effective teachers need to share the joy and passion of teaching with the students. They have to provide real enthusiasm for a good class.

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